When an account receivable is unpaid, our experienced attorneys and staff are available to help you collect what you are owed. While we strive to settle all claims as amicably as possible to save money and time, we will take your debtor to court, if necessary to collect. In such instances, we may recover the debt in pre-judgment or post-judgment remedies (e.g., repossession of collateral goods or property, lien filings, garnishment of wages and/or bank accounts, and sheriff’s sales).

We understand that the collecting of debts is a particularly time-sensitive issue, so our attorneys strive to handle all collections claims in an efficient and timely manner. Most of our collection cases are handled on a contingency fee basis with our clients.  We handle collection cases throughout the Commonwealth and in D.C. and Maryland should the need arise.

Learn more about the ways we can help you find collections solutions by contacting us online or at (703) 361-5131.

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