Many people think estate planning is simply putting together a will and maybe a trust to designate the asset distribution after their death. However, an efficient and effective estate plan also identifies medical wishes in end-of-life situations and dictates what happens should you or someone close to you becomes incapacitated and is no longer capable of making medical or financial decisions. Our attorneys work with you to create practical and time-proven estate plans which will not only protect your estate assets now, should there be the need, but will also allow you to plan for your future needs and provide for a smooth transfer of your assets to your heirs and beneficiaries as you intended.  Because our goal is to make sure you receive the best legal advice possible, we may need to refer you to another law firm should we determine after meeting with you and your family that your estate and tax needs require additional tax planning and advice.



A will is one of the most important parts of any real estate plan. Without a will, your estate and the decisions about what do you with your assets are left to the probate court.  We help you prepare a will that ensures your estate is handled according to your wishes and not by someone you never met.



The probate process is often both complex and often unexpected. Our attorneys can provide the probate advice you need to transfer property upon death, act as trustee, and carry out the distribution of your assets according to your wishes.


Family Powers of Attorney

Assigning a power of attorney is often stressful and can have a lasting impact on a family. We will strive to make sure your family avoids as much stress as possible.  Whether the decision of who should be appointed is obvious or uncertain, we understand the importance of helping you make the best choice possible taking into account all of the important factors. We can help you determine the right plan for protecting your loved ones and represent your rights and wished should a dispute arise.


Medical Directives

Healthcare directives are important in conveying your health care preferences to medical professionals and family members when you are no longer able. Our attorneys can help you create authoritative medical directives naming the person you think should make medical decisions on your behalf, the medical treatment you may or may not want for yourself, and clear end-of-life instructions.

Learn more about the ways we can help you find estate planning or trust administration solutions by contacting us online or at (703) 361-5131.


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